Santa Barbara Newborn Photographer Welcomes Own

Santa Barbara Newborn Photographer Welcomes Own

Santa Barbara Newborn Photographer Welcomes Own

We are feeling very lucky to announce that David Eli was born on July 2, 2019. He weighed 8 pounds and six ounces, while measuring 20.5 inches long. Our hearts are full and our family is complete.

I can’t believe this little guy was in my belly just three weeks ago! A family of three became a family of four, and it honestly feels so foreign but so right, at the same time. Lendel has handled it way better than I expected.

Lendel always takes her time with everything. She was quiet when she first arrived at the hospital. The first thing she said was, “I want to see his tiny feet.”

The next thing she said: “My baby makes funny noises.” Oh yes, and David is her baby! While she definitely yearns for more time with Mommy, it is now obvious that she loves her baby brother, and she loves being a big sister. Lendel loves touching his fuzzy head, gives him kisses, and is trying to interact with him more each day.

David has been a pretty chill baby, but as Lendel said, he does make a lot of noises! At first, we called him a pterodactyl and a barking dog, but now we think he might be part Billy Goat.

Lendel and Daddy have gotten to spend much more time together, which is awesome. While she does whine sometimes, I have also seen a growth in her character that makes me very proud. As we navigate these new waters, I know we will have many more difficult times, but I also know we will all continue to learn and become better people. There are these moments when all four of us are together, where I realize this was my wish. I try to live in that thankful mind frame because I really am thankful for so many things. If we can just get this Billy Goat making noises during the day instead of at night, everything will be perfect!

If you’d like to look back at when David’s big sister was born:

As this Santa Barbara Newborn Photographer Welcomes Own, we know that it will only make us better with our clients. We promise to handle every newborn baby like our own, and we appreciate you trusting us with such a special photo session!

  1. Julie potter says:

    So beautiful! Your so perfect with your words.
    Love, that’s what you have. Your the epitome of loving your life. I’m so happy for you guys and you wear it well!! 💋❤️❤️ And I still miss you over here 😏


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