Monthly Flower Baby Photography

Monthly Flower Baby Photography ~

Lendel turned 11 months old last week! The major milestone this month is that she has started trying to walk, with her longest trip being 14 steps. We couldn’t believe it was happening already. Also, her eighth tooth finally came through, so now she has four teeth on top and four on bottom.

From day one, I knew this girl was filled with strength and determination…not to mention, I always noticed her expressiveness. Lately, she’s been able to go from crying to laughing one moment to the next, which can be extremely cute and a little bit scary at the same time 🙂 …she’s opinionated, but at least she lets us know how she feels! She thinks that if she points at something, we will get it for her…so, recently, she just points at everything. I’m pretty sure she thinks there must be something we could give her, in every direction.

She has a silliness about her that I absolutely love…her daddy is always calling her a “goof” because of her relentless antics…I believe she would now be considered a professional peek-a-boo player. It is definitely her favorite game right now. Lendel also has quite the arm…I love that she is strong, but I could do without the throwing of everything off her high chair. Five-second rule, right?!

She still loves her books…it’s amazing to watch her determination, and she has become quite the page turner. She mastered turning the pages of board books, and is intent on mastering the hardcover ones, now. She has ripped a couple of pages, but I have to say, she is doing way better than I expected. I watched her turn the pages of one book for at least 20 minutes, the other day…such focus!

Lendel is keeping us on our toes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think that she partly wants to stand more, just so she can dance better…she has picked up a few new dance moves, and currently loves to twist.

That’s about it…I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I’ll sign off for now. Lendel would wave bye-bye to you, if you could see her. She’s getting pretty good at it. She makes friends everywhere we go, and is constantly waving hello and goodbye. It is so much fun watching her personality develop!

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