Ten Months Old

Ten Months Old ~

Can’t believe there are only 2 months left, of Lendel’s 12 month  baby photography series! Most days, she takes two naps…sometimes, only one. She loves books, and even acts like she’s reading them, which I absolutely love. Her jabbering is hilarious, and when we are out somewhere, I realize she has gotten pretty loud…which is probably my fault. There are these moments where I could swear she is trying to drown me out, so that I’ll be quiet! 🙂

She has gotten more expressive every day, and she really wants to walk. She is standing up on her own, and briefly standing on her own, without holding onto anything. If she’s not trying to stand, she is crawling at light speed! As you can see from the photo, she has seven teeth, and I keep thinking the 8th one is bound to show up, sooner or later. Her hair is growing more in the back…and, I can even see a few curls forming…yay, I love curls!!

Her grandma (Sweetie) taught her patty cake…she is very proud of her clapping ability, and she is constantly gaining new skills. I can hardly keep up with all the changes! She definitely needs to eat more now, so it is a challenge realizing what she likes and remembering to feed her often enough. Haha…it was so much easier and less messy when I only had to nurse her 🙂

No matter what, this girl is always so much fun, and has brought so much joy to our lives. I can’t believe there are only two more months until she turns a year old.

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