Nine Month Old Baby Photo

Nine Month Old Baby Photo

I can’t believe Lendel has been here as long as I was pregnant. Lendel turned nine months old, last weekend…as you can see, she is pretty active. She is getting into everything! This photo would have been impossible without the toy. We all¬†know who is in charge, now, right? ūüôā ¬†Sure hope I’m able to finish this project!

After getting sick, and having four more teeth come through on top, we had a little issue with sleep for a while. Nobody ever told me you have to sleep train more than once!¬†I’m happy to say it is finally getting much better.

How are¬†we 3/4 of the way through the year, already? I know we will be planning her first birthday in no time…I have always said children are the true measure of time, but even then, I didn’t realize how fast it really goes as a parent. Can we push pause for just a second, please?!

Nine Month Old Baby Photo

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