"Working with Kelsey (and her partner Mike as a second shooter) was the perfect choice. You make a lot of decisions when planning a wedding that you can worry about. After our engagement shoot, we were 100% certain that hiring Kelsey was the best possible decision we could have made and there was nothing to worry about. She was professional, creative, encouraging, enthusiastic and fun. Most importantly, the shots were breathtaking works of art. I think that seeing ourselves through her lens actually made us a happier, more confident couple at the wedding.

Sure enough, our wedding roll is stunning, and the wedding party and families really enjoyed working with Kelsey as well. Our wedding was outdoors, and about 20 minutes before it ended, long after we stopped even thinking about photos, she pulled us away for a quick shot she had spent considerable time setting up using the outdoor lights at the venue. She could've been relaxing at that point, but instead she put together a beautiful scene that turned out to be the shot of the wedding. Kelsey is now helping us design a large-scale print to show it off in our home.

Without reservation, we recommend hiring Kelsey." Michael

"Kelsey was wonderful to work with on so many levels. She is warm and positive and extremely calm - which is exactly what you need on your wedding day. I have a degree in photography so Kelsey had to deal with my many MANY opinions; she was so flexible and took all my requests into consideration. The end result is a phenomenal and unique batch of wedding pictures that we love! Couldn't have been happier with her and her work!!" Claire

"Kelsey is AMAZING!!! She did such a fabulous job capturing our special day. She knew exactly what we would want, without us having to tell her. She really captured the feeling of the day and the love and excitement is palpable in all of the photos. Her professionalism, and positive, go with the flow attitude made her so easy to work with. So many people have looked at our wedding album and said they wished they had used her! It is no surprise that so many of our friends and family have now used Kelsey and continue to recommend her to their friends. It's now 5 years since our wedding, and Kelsey has been there to capture both of our boys as newborns and will continue to be our family photographer for all of our momentous occasions!" Shana

"I am camera shy which is why i immediately booked Kelsey for our wedding. I didn't even shop around because I knew we would only have our wedding album after the day was over. Kelsey is really comfortable, relaxed, and a lot of fun. Her enthusiasm is contagious!! Kelsey made our wedding look better than I remember! Even our guests mentioned how great our photographer was." Jeanye